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Act IV’s Melinda Jensen presents Love Me Tinder at Short + Sweet 2020

Is it all just dick pics and hook ups or could one of these profiles be the one? Writer Melinda Jensen takes us behind the screens as she lays bare her real digital dating life in Love Me Tinder, directed by Stephanie Reeves.

5-8 March 2020
Week 4, Women’s Week
Tom Mann Theatre, 136 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills
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What the critics said about our past productions:

Broadway World Australia on The Naked Truth: “More theatre like this, that tackles issues and emphasises the perspective of women, is needed and congratulations are due to Act IV Theatre for beginning unapologetic and unbridled efforts to do so.”

Suzy Wrong on The Naked Truth: “The women in The Naked Truth hold each other up, in spite of all their differences. They each make their individual life choices, and have encountered dissimilar obstacles, but with the strength of their sisterhood, are able to find ways to provide support for one another. It is a poignant story about how people can live in love and harmony, without having to conform and assimilate.”

Suzy Wrong on Five Women Wearing the Same Dress: “Entertaining, whimsical and punchy. The charming language of the American South is showcased beautifully, and the women’s lives are vividly imagined, with a familiarity that allows us to find points of association. Their worlds seem real, because Ball exposes their imperfections in a way that demonstrates a humanity that we can relate to.”

Lisa Thatcher on Mel Jensen’s This is What a Feminist Looks like: “More serious productions include a truly beautiful affair titled This is What a Feminist Looks Like. This production explores what it means to three very different women to be a feminist. Direction here is by Wendy Winkler, who directs the writer along side Hayley Flowers and Kaitlin De Lacy in a strong expression of power and solidarity for female emancipation.”