About us

We all grew up with a passion for theatre and the arts, and after studying for some years, we realised we wanted to do our own productions. Hey, if nobody is doing the play you want to see or be cast in, why not do it yourself? Act IV is proud to provide an opportunity for student and amateur actors, directors and other theatre professionals to work together on plays that excite us. Please join us for the ride!

Act IV is named after the four co-founders:

kpthumb  Kaitlin DeLacy

chloethumb  Chloe McKenzie 

  Melinda Jensen

wendythumb  Wendy Winkler

One thought on “About us

  1. Hello,
    I came across your page looking for a Sydney based amateur theatre company and was wondering if i am on the right track reaching out. I just moved to Sydney and am looking to pursue my love of acting after doing theatre and drama classes in London for 2 years. Please let me know of your upcoming events and if you are audtioning for your next productions.

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